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Scholarship Essay Edit

Your essay is probably better than that quote, but it only takes one error or awkward sentence to make an admissions reader stop and think, “What?”

We don’t want that to happen.

At Hillhouse, we’re editors. We look at the grammar, spelling, and organization, as well as the structure of your essay. We call these two things “copy editing” and “developmental editing,” and they are equally important in any piece of writing.

When we edit your essay, we’ll provide track changes, comments, and a 300 word “roadmap” of what you should revise for your next draft.

We work with writers at all stages of the writing process, so if you want to send us your first draft, we can help you decide what ideas are promising and which to let go. If you think you’re just about finished and want a trained set of eyes to look it over before you press SUBMIT, you can trust us to find any pesky misspellings or untidy ideas.

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