Registration for the Upcoming GMAT Class


Ready for the GMAT Exam? Take a free diagnostic test and find out! If you are ready for the GMAT test, sign up for our in-depth 10-week Spring GMAT Program. This 10 week course is designed to prepare students for the GMAT Exam. 

This class is intended for students who are scoring below 600 on their practice exams or real GMAT exams. The typical student will be a young Vietnamese working professional who has been out of school for a number of years. Students in their last year of university are welcome to take the course as well. Test scores are valid for five years.

The class assumes a proficient level of English. Mr. Nick’s teaches his verbal classes in English, while Dr. Anh teaches his quantitative classes in Vietnamese. 

Practice Exams

Students will be required to take 2 full length practice exams. Two sessions will be dedicated to reviewing practice test problems.

Course Instructors

Verbal Instructor: Nicholas Santalucia, +84 126 970 2112,

Quant Instructor: Anh Pham Ngoc, Ph.D, +84 93 203 3840,

Teaching Assistant: Don Phan, M.A., +84 90 673 9862,